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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Breakfast At Tiffanys

I couldn't put it down.

I finally sat down long enough

to experience the bite of the unknown

and chilling plunge

into the

first chapter.

Then, as if they had a say in the whole affair

the stringed lights in my garden

flickered in dim unison

like children joined hand-in-hand

whimsically chanting summer's 



the tale endures.

For it is in the HEART of the story 

where the treasures are found

that ignite the joy

of knowing that the dreams of a child

and the insecurities of an adolescent

can flower into the wisdom of an adult.

Because when you follow the story of your life just remember that

My summer holiday is over 

but the plot thickens.

My students and I are waiting 

to learn that

So before I start on 

my way back to the classroom

I just want to tell you that 

Thank you

for a summer of 

gift exchanges

and most of all for the confidence that I can collaborate

with you in creating a place to

forget the troubles of the world 

in order to remember 

what is close to your heart.


Photo Credits: Pinterest
Sketches of children and Audrey Hepburn: Anita Castles Crowns and Cottages ©